Celebration and Discipline — It’s Capricorn Season!

Celebration and Discipline — It’s Capricorn Season!

On December 22 the sun moves into Capricorn - the final zodiac of 2023 and the first sign of 2024! The Capricorn necklace is a celebration of what has been, and a vision for the future.

Known for discipline and practical ambition, Capricorn season invites us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished or learned over the past year, and to set our goals or intentions for the year ahead.

At its worst, Capricorn energy may lean towards extreme criticism and perfectionism. But at its best, Capricorn’s hard work and resolution can manifest even the most grandiose of visions.

The ideal zodiac to usher in the new year, Capricorn reminds us to focus on concrete goals; to ask not just what, but how, and to set out with a plan.

Whether for you or someone you love, the Capricorn necklace is a daily reminder: go make your wild dreams real.

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