Life and Liberation — It’s Sagittarius Season!

From November 22 to December 21 the sun is in the celestial sign Sagittarius. As the last fire sign of 2023, this is a season of action that feels liberating and expansive. The Sagittarius necklace is your token to set out on adventure.

Sagittarius energy frees us to go far and wide, to roam, to try new things and go new places without taking any of it too seriously. This brazen spirit longs for freedom above all else, resisting spaces that feel restrictive. Sagittarius has an insatiable desire for life itself that is passionate, but playful.

At its worst, Sagittarius energy can bend toward escapism, but at its best, it emboldens us to explore and break free of self-imposed (or society imposed!) limits.

When you wear the Sagittarius necklace, remember to step outside the walls, or better yet— to ask, what if there are none?