Wisdom and Intuition — Its Pisces Season!

Wisdom and Intuition — Its Pisces Season!

From February 18 to March 20, the sun journeys thru Pisces. Like this zodiac sign, our Pisces necklace is your reminder that navigating the current of the seas, brings wisdom to much of life’s mysteries.

Symbolized by the double fish, this water sign is deeply feeling and highly intuitive. Often associated with tears and known for its - sometimes gruelling - sensitivity, Pisces invites us to return to emotions as an essential part of our humanity .

Pisces’ willingness to be with emotion can be uncomfortable for those who have invested a great deal in suppressing their own feelings. But Pisces’ softness makes a bold statement: when we gain access to our inner worlds, we gain the power to act and create from greater consciousness.

When you wear the Pisces necklace, know that your emotions hold truth and wisdom. That they in themselves are a disruption to the systems that benefit when we disconnect from our own humanity - the interconnectedness of all things.

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