Beauty and Justice — It’s Libra Season!

On September 23 the sun moves into Libra - sign of the scales - until October 22, bringing us back into harmony and balance. Let the Libra Necklace be your daily reminder to ease into alignment!

This same day marks the seasonal equinox, signaling a major shift in the flow of energy. With the falling autumn leaves (Northern Hemisphere), or the budding bulbs of spring (Southern Hemisphere), the universe invites us to embrace the seasons of our own becoming and to bring ourselves back into balance.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is motivated by synergy and beauty, yet unbiased and rational. Tactful and diplomatic, Libra enables negotiation that is successful for all parties. Think: win - win!

At its worse, Libra can come across as noncommittal or vague, taking time to evaluate all angles before making decisions or taking positions. But at its best, Libra restores serenity and balance - finding fairness not with force, but with a sense of abundance that fills the void of lack.

Libra season reminds us that beauty and justice coexist. This equinox, celebrate your favourite Libra, or the Libra in you with our 22K Gold-plated Brass Libra necklace, sustainably made — because we believe that beautiful jewellery can be fair too.

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