Curious and Charming — It’s Gemini Season!

As the sun moves through Gemini from May 20 to June 20, the celestial twins stir our collective curiosity and charisma! Celebrate with our Gemini Necklace.

This active air sign is ruled by Mercury - the planet of communication. Often wordy and extroverted, communication is key for the Gemini. But even for the introverted or quiet, this season invites creative collaboration and self- expression.

Gemini is intellectually curious and a keen observer of the world around them. Highly adaptive, this sign knows how to have fun with just about anyone! At its worst, Gemini can come across as two-faced or something of a colour-changing chameleon. At its best, Gemini is motivated by the desire to bring others into the spotlight, too.

The Gemini Necklace is our reminder to you to embrace all the versions of yourself. By creating space for bold authenticity, you invite others to shine bright with you!

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