Steadfast and Sensual — It’s Taurus Season!

With an affinity for the physical manifestation of luxury and sustainability, the celestial bull is sure to love our handmade Taurus Necklace.

From April 20 - May 21, the sun travels through Taurus, offering us the staying power and stability necessary to get the work done, even when it isn’t glamorous or fun.

Still, this hard-working and sometimes stubborn sign is deeply attuned to the physical world as a source of pleasure. Reminding all those who encounter its energy to stop and smell the flowers or bask in the sun. Taurus believes it is our birthright to savour the sweetness in our lives.

As a Venus ruled (read: beauty loving!) sign - and the zodiac that rules the area of the neck - our Taurus Necklace is a gift that’s written in the stars.

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