Care and Comfort — It’s Cancer Season!

From June 20-July 21 the sun moves through the zodiac sign of the celestial crab, as seen on our handmade Cancer necklace.

Highly intuitive and in touch with its feelings, Cancer is ruled by the moon — the sky’s symbol of comfort and care.

This zodiac season invites us to relish in the simplicity of solitude and domesticity; staying in is the new luxury. It’s a time to take notice of the care we need, and to take care of the things we believe are worth cultivating.

Protecting themselves with a hard outer shell, Cancers come across as shy, with a necessary guardedness. But by opening up in spaces of safety, this zodiac teaches us the power of softness and vulnerability.

Whether this zodiac season has you practicing self-care on the couch or serving the causes and community you care about, our Cancer necklace invites you into a season of nurturing.

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