Mystery and Intensity: It’s Scorpio Season!

From October 23 - November 21 Scorpio season offers us the chance to dive below the surface, into the wild unknown. The Scorpio necklace is the perfect talisman for your journey into the mysterious darkness.

The energy is intense and passionate. But with a long slow, steady flow. Finding power in the psychic and emotional realms, Scorpio is intuitive — relying on gut feeling for instinct and wisdom.

With an air of mystery and intrigue, Scorpio’s mood is sexy and alluring. Still, what this sign seeks is real intimacy and connection — with others, and above all, within self.

This season invites us to go deep in what it is we really desire, and to see what we find there. For those brave enough to look even in the shadows, the Scorpio Necklace represents earned wisdom. And maybe a secret or two (hey, we’re not telling).